Reflecting On This Year (Specifically My Blog)

If I look back to what I learned while blogging, all I can think of is learning about the copyright on pictures and how to get pictures that I can use without getting into trouble. Also learning a but more about tagging and learning different tags for different subject.

At the beginning of time… or at least my blog I told you ” On my blog you will mostly find things related to video games.” and for a while I stayed true to that and I posted game reviews but after a while I started writing posts on coding and then the blog took a turn to where i was doing almost only what I was assigned to do. Game reviews and things like that turned into a once in a blue moon sort of thing.

If you look at my blog now you’ll see at the beginning I did game reviews and assignments then I started writing posts on coding (Python) and then i wrote about my science fair project. Like I said in my previous paragraph I started doing almost only what I was assigned to do. Looking back on that now I don’t think that was the best move, It’s just I never got time in class to blog and I’m well… lazy.

I plan on working on my second blog more often and focus it on video games (games reviews and related), IOS Apps (Ipod/Ipad games and useful games and don’t quote me on this but maybe how-tos), coding and other things about technology and computers (again don’t quote me on this but there maybe some how-tos). If you click anywhere in this sentence you will go to my second blog.

I had fun blogging and my favourite part is either being able to interact with you guys in the comment section and getting your feedback and opinions and your experiences or being able to tell you guys things like my personal experiences and reviewing games. This has been a great experience and i’m glad to have been able to share it with you.

Life Update

Before I start the post I would like to ask how’s life?

Nothing that exciting has happened, life has been the same. The only thing different is that I got an Ipad  Mini 2, two weeks ago and I’m really liking it . It’s a big upgrade from my Ipod touch 4th gen. One in screen size and my Ipod touch is only on ios 6 and my iPad is on the latest ios version and it is much faster than my Ipod. I also got a smart case for it so I can have a make-shift stand for it and it’s more protected. Also exams started last month and finished last Friday. I found them all moderately easy and easier than last years grade 6 exams. No I did not have to redo grade 6 it’s because last year I was in a grade 5/6 class and the minority were the grade 5s so we had to do the exams. So to sum the last two sentences up, I did the grade 6 exams twice in two years.

Little Progress But Still Progress (Science Fair Update)

I have made a little progress on my science fair project. I have successfully made my table to display my data on my board. It was nowhere near complicated to make but at least I learned something new. In case you didn’t know how to make one using word all you have to do is go to the insert tab and click the table icon and then make it the size you want and then you can change things until you like what you have. Oh I almost forgot that the science fair got postponed a week so that gives me more time to slack off, not really though. It does give me more time to work on my display board. I still have to do the experiment and until I do it I will not have the ability to complete my board not that I have even started it. For my board I need to print out my hypothesis, the procedure and things like that.

Science Fair Project Update

In terms of my materials I have the optical illusions I’m using, what I need is the display board and I need five people of each gender but I will just ask my classmates.I will get the display board that need by March 15. I will perform the experiment with my classmates when I have the classmates to perform the experiment on. In order to record and display my findings i will make a chart using a program that i have not decided on yet but I will by the end of the school week and have made it.

Exploding Literature Post

This is going to be a long post that’s going to be updated over the period of a month or so that’s going to cover different things that all have keywords in common … so let’s get started shall we?

James Patterson creates “self-destructing” book to market latest thriller

Did you hear about the movie where the main character buys a self-destructing book that they have to finish in 24 hours…no, good because its not a movie it`s real life. I was on Dogo news and saw this article about an exploding book. James Patterson created a self-destructing book cost’s $294,038 USD.  If you buy the self-destructing book you get a first-class ticket to an undisclosed location, a pair of 14-karat gold binoculars, a two night at a luxury hotel and a five course meal with James Patterson.If you want learn more click here to go to the original article.


A supernova is when a star’s luminosity suddenly increases millions of times what it normally is. If you didn’t understand that (like me) let me break it down for you, luminosity is the amount of light an object emits in a certain amount of time.  What I wrote in the first sentence can be dumbed down to “a supernova is when a star self-destructs”.

To be continued

Art Squares… Pythagorean Theorem Squares?

This is a multi-genre post about squares which according to scientists or whatever smart people deal with these sort of thing is the perfect shape. One of the pictures is art and the others have to do with Pythagorean theorem which i have no idea about. I may be somewhat smart but I’m not that smart. Let me tell you a bit about squares. Well they have 4 side of equal length and all of it’s sides are right angles. Basically all quadrilaterals are squares, well they’re at least based of off squares.

Photo Credit: Baelde

Photo Credit: Nevit

Photo Credit: Fornax

Photo Credit: David Eppstein


3…2…1… Smash In Super Smash For 3DS

Do you and one of your friends ever disagree as to who would win in a fight between Mario and Sonicwell now you can settle that disagreement in SUPER SMASH FOR THE 3DS! Sorry if i sounded kind of like a SmashNintendo3DSsalesman but i didn’t know any other interesting way to start out the post so i apologize for that. Now let’s get into thereview part of this post. To name a few characters you can play as Mario, Luigi, Fox, Falco, Link, Zelda, and Pac-man, yes, Pac-man and no it’s not the wacawacawacawaca Pac-man that we all know and love. It’s more of a humanoid Pac-man but i’m sure if you see him you’ll recognize him. Before you say i’m ignorant or something like that yes i know there is version of this game with a few changes for the  Wii U but i don’t know it nearly as well as the version for the 3DS. If your bored and don’t what to do, why not try online mode where you can play against friends or if you friends are unavailable or if the’re just not cool enough to get it. You can play with random people over the internet and either beat them or get beat.


The Neil Institute Of Technology

My school would mainly focus on technology and doing lots of things on computers. Every subject that can be completely taught on computers will be taught on computers. School would start at 8:00am and end at 2:00. There would be 1 hour for lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. Students will be able to eat and play for that 1 hour. There would be a bit more math than usual since math and computers go together.  There will be quite a bit more physical education since it’s fun and it’s important for kids to spend more time doing physical activities. You would be able to buy lunches in the cafeteria, sort of like a restaurant. I don’t think parents will like that very much since their kids will keep pestering them for lunch money. That’s it for now on this subject but if you would like more just ask me in the comments (I give you  permission to bug me about it) and I’ll write more on this topic.

March Break

I’m anxious to sleep in and by sleep in I mean sleep like half an hour to an hour more. Yah I’m not that big on sleeping in late because I find you lose quite a bit of your day that you could be spending doing other things. I’m also anxious to play with my dog but the bad thing is that I can’t really play with my dog outside. I’m also anxious to just sit back and play video games and before you call me a nerd or something like that I’m going to inform you that that is very rude of you and you should be ashamed of yourself.  I’m also hopefully going to play online games with my friends so that means you can’t say I have no social life because I playing video games with my friend and unless you say they don’t have a social life then your insult is not valid. Just to let you know, the main reason I countering the insults is just to make the post longer.

The Nightmare At School

The nightmare at schoolOne thing I think that the boy is scared of is being humiliated. I think this because in the video after he enters a door he gets laughed at because he has no clothing on. Another thing that I think he is scared of is being the odd person out. I think this because when he crawls under the classroom door everything is bigger than him. Everyone bends over their desk and then points and laughs at him because he`s the odd person out since he extremely small and because he tripped and fell but that’s beside the point. I also thing that he is scared of getting lost at school. I think this because around the beginning of the video he gets lost and wanders around the school aimlessly . I also deducted from the video that he is scared of not having a good future. I think this because when his in the office he sees one of his friends becoming a car salesman and his other friend becoming a veterinarian but the  he sees a picture of a silhouette and after he looks at it for a while he realizes that it’s his silhouette and then he panics because he sees that he doesn’t get a job in the future.