Edublog Nominations

Best student blog

This post is about a blog that I think is a good blog. The blog I will be talking about is Dave Online. This blog has a wide variety of post from manga and anime all the way to a post that every line is in alphabetical order and other post but if you want to see them you’ll have take a look at his blog. I am nominating this blog for the best Edublog student blog.  I this blog has what it takes to win the award. This blog has a nice theme and also has a nice background design. He writes very interesting post that are about things he likes. Since he does that that means he always puts is best effort in every post.

Click here for the link to his blog


Best new student blog

In my opinion the best new blog is Edward’s blog (click here to go to his blog). He writes lots of different post and he is even writing a series survival tips, he only has one but I know he wants to continue it. He has a nice theme that at the top is like you’re looking over a fence and seeing a hillside and the farther you go the darker the background gets as if you digging up older posts. He makes everything he writes interesting and he always does his best while writing every post

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